Black Tulip Estates Services

Our Services

We handle all the stress and mess of an estate sale. We will:

  • Set up the sale in an attractive manner
  • Price and tag all items
  • Send invitations to qualified mailing list through postal mail and email
  • Place advertisements in local newspaper(s), Estate Sale Websites, Craigslist, and more
  • Provide necessary signage
  • Responsible for all decisions regarding the management of sale
  • Report sales figures

Our Qualifications

Our team is led by Janice Woods, an expert in antiques. Janice has a long and varied career that includes:

  • Lecturer: Antiques Collector’s Club
  • Lecturer: Denver Antiques Show and Sale

  • Chair: Denver Art Museum Lecture Series

  • Lecturer: Antiques Investors Club, Denver

  • Appraiser: Major Art and Antiques Collection

  • Member: Antiques Evaluation Day Colorado Springs

  • Expert: Appraisal Day, Saks Galleries, Denver

  • Expert: Witness for court case

  • Valuation Booth: Greater Littleton Youth Initiative

  • TV appearances: Colorado and Co, Channel 7 News, Denver Antique Show and Sale

Black Tulip Estates

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